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Good Causes

The American Indian College Fund  The American Indian College Fund provides scholarship money for American Indian students to attend mostly tribal community colleges on or near reservations. These schools concentrate on training skills that are needed on the reservations so that the educational advances will accrue to the benefit of the tribe as a group.

Native American Rights Fund (NARF)  NARF is actively involved in legal battles around the country in such areas as fishing rights and re-claiming ancestral lands.

National Museum of the American Indian  The Museum opened its brand new facility on the Washington, D.C. Mall on September 21, 2004. Take a tour via their website.

PBS  This rich website has complementary information and interviews concerning PBS programming and provides schedule information for the best television programs in the United States. If you're not watching Nova, Now with Bill Moyers or Frontline, then you're really missing out! 

The Nokoto Horse Conservancy  Learn about this group and its efforts to save wild horses in North Dakota and "...establish a sanctuary where the Nokota horses can roam free and wild...." 


Nevada Bureau of Mines  This link will take you to a 27-page report on turquoise mines and deposits in Nevada. The report was published in 1968 by the Mackay School of Mines at the University of Nevada. This is excellent information and makes for good reading. The format is an Adobe Acrobat file.

Tibetan Turquoise  This is a relatively short article on Tibetan turquoise contained within a website about all sorts of things Tibetan, including, of course, the Dalai Lama.

Favorite Places

Circle A Ranch  Located a few miles outside of Cuba, New Mexico, the Circle A Ranch is really a hostel. At the heart of this 385-acre ranch which borders on the San Pedro Wilderness Area is a large 1920's adobe hunting lodge which provides inexpensive accomodations.

Chico Hot Springs  30 miles north of Yellowstone National Park in the aptly-named Paradise Valley you'll find this wonderful haven. The swimming pool is fed by hot springs and the restaurant is absolutely divine. Dennis Quaid has a place on the banks of the Yellowstone River a few miles away and often eats at the restaurant and his band sometimes plays in the bar.

1794 Watchtide By the Sea  My second cousin Jack Elliott and his wife Nancy own and run this beautiful B & B in Searsport, Maine. It's a short drive from Acadia National Park and a great place for whale watching.

Sylvan Lake Lodge  High in the Black Hills (Paha Sapa in Lakota) of South Dakota you'll understand why this is sacred ground to many Northern Plains tribes. You'll also understand why they had it in for Custer.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument  Located on the Crow Reservation in Montana, this is a magical place. Words cannot describe the feeling you'll get at this place on a hot summer day more than 125 years after this battle took place.

Bear Butte  Walk all the way to the top. Just do it! All the way along the path you'll see prayer bundles tied to tree branches (don't touch them!). This is where the Seven Council Fires of the Lakota (along with some Cheyenne and renegade Yankton Sioux) met for the Sun Dance in 1876. Then they split up to hunt buffalo in smaller bands. General Custer met up with several thousand of them at the Greasy Grass (Little Bighorn River) some weeks later.

Cottage Industry Merchants

P.J. Kozy Knifemaker  Pete Kozy is one of the nicest guys you'll ever want to meet and his handmade knives are simply gorgeous and of the finest fabrication. One of his knives will last for several generations, but you'll want to own three or four of them.

Beadwork by Margo  Margo Rosas tans her own hides, makes her own rawhide and does beautiful beadwork. I've been collecting her pieces for ten years.
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