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Guy Hoskie Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet size 6 5/8"

We initially made contact with Navajo silversmith Guy Hoskie in December 2005 when we bought some magnificent cluster pendants from him. We have continued to accumulate his work which is always made with fine natural stones. Guy is accomplished in his stampwork and has a good design sense. He is also related to the Reeves Brothers (Sunshine and Gary) and the Cadmans (Darrel, Andy, Donovan & Anderson).

This is one among a group of bracelets we commissioned Guy to make for us. We provided all the stones and specified that he make them using 12- gauge Sterling. We also specified the width and size of each bracelet and which stone to set in it, but beyond that we gave him no input other than the stone we chose to give him and the choice of the gauge (thickness) of silver to be used. We wanted him to work with 12-gauge silver so that he could get deep, biting stampwork that is particularly lush with texture. And, of course, we left the artistry to him in choosing how to decorate the cuffs and complement the stones employing his particular sense of aesthetics.

This is a beautifully mottled free-form stone of natural, untreated Bisbee turquoise from Arizona cut for us by Bruce Mead. There is wonderful complexity in this stone from the quartz and deep lavender matrix to the rich blue turquoise. The stone is framed by a trinity of diamond-shaped appliquées on each side accented by raindrops. The uniform-width cuff is made from heavy 12-gauge Sterling and decorated by banded stampwork.

Guy's hallmark consists of his initials "G" and "H" with the word "Sterling" stamped between the letters of his initials.

Stone: 1 3/16" x 3/4"

Weight of stone: 21.5 carats

Width at stone: 1 5/16"

Width of cuff: 1"

Terminal to terminal: 5 1/2"

Gap: 1 1/8"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 5/8"


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