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Erma Arviso Beads length 20" round 6 mm. diameter Antiqued Sterling

Erma Arviso is a Navajo woman who strings turquoise and creates "antiqued" Sterling beads as perfect accompaniment to pendants with large bales.

This is a string of machine-made Sterling beads which have been "antiqued" by Erma to give them a matte finish and an "old pawn" patina. This process entails oxidizing the loose beads, then rubbing them with fine steel wool to give them a brushed finish. After preparing the beads, they were strung on braided stainless steel wire for durability.

This strand of beads consists of round beads which are 6 millimeters in diameter.

                                       Beads: round, 6 mm. diameter

                                                Length of strand: 20"

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Product ID: NBC-ERV-R06-20
Artist: Erma Arviso
Price:  $165.00


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