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Jeffery Nelson Handmade Graduated, Stamped Sterling Bead Necklace

Jeffery Nelson is a Navajo silversmith who specializes in making handmade Sterling beads. Few artists make handmade beads today and Jeffery's are characterized by an ultra high-polish and smoothness which is hard to achieve.

This is a graduated strand of beads with the largest beads in the center of the necklace and tapering in diameter as the beads move towards the Sterling cones at the catch. This set of beads is individually stamped on each bead and shows an impeccable polish so common to Jeffery's work. Because the center bead is the largest in such a strand, a pendant is not meant to be worn with such beads because it will not stay on the middle bead. Graduated strands such as this are made to be worn for their own beauty without a pendant.

Hallmarked J. Nelson and stamped Sterling on the cones.

Beads: 9 mm. diameter at cones, 18 mm. diameter center bead

Weight: 68.2 grams

Length: 24"

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Product ID: NBC-JNL028
Artist: Jeffery Nelson
Price:  $375.00
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