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Irene Lovato Five Strand Kingman Turquoise Nuggets & Orange Spiny Oyster Necklace

Irene Lovato is the daughter of noted necklace maker Alice Lovato and sister of necklace maker Lupe Lovato. Most of her pieces are multi-strand and their magic is that they are rich with beads and have perfect sway. She almost always braids her beading strings to make a traditional finish which can be tied off at various lengths.

This five strand necklace is strung with blue-green nuggets of Kingman turquoise in combination with orange spiny oyster tabs. In traditional fashion, the braided beading string is simply tied off in a bow and no metal hardware is used as a catch. Length of the necklace cited below is the measured length at which it is tied in the photographs, but this necklace could be tied at any length from 24" to 30". The bright orange tabs of spiny oyster contrast beautifully with the turquoise. Spacer beads of baby olive shell fine-diameter heishi render these strands silky and fluid in their movement.

Usually such a necklace is tied off at a length which allows the wearer to slip it over the head without having to tie it each time to put it on or take it off. Surplus length to the beading string assures that this can be tied to a longer length that will surely fit over any head.

Kingman nuggets: 3/8" to 5/8"diameter

Orange spiny oyster beads: 3/4"

Length (as tied in photos): 28"

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Product ID: SNK-ILV045
Artist: Irene Lovato
Price:  $495.00
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