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Harrison Jim Mediterranean Red Coral Sterling Ingot Ring size 8

Not quite forty years old, Harrison Jim is an accomplished silversmith who works in many styles but favors the classic designs best described as Navajo Traditional Revival. His work is done in the old-fashioned way by melting silver to ingot form and hammering it out to form his pieces.

This ring is set with an oval of natural, undyed Mediterranean red coral. Deep-stamped Four Directions motifs decorate the equatorial center of the band, while deeply notched stampwork marks the band's edges. Though the essence of simplicity in design, the process of making this ring is painstaking. Repeatedly annealed (heated to high temperature) in the process of hammering the silver, this piece exhibits the characteristic visual aspect seen only in hammered ingot pieces. The stone is set in a handmade straight-edged bezel. The band gently tapers towards the back of the shank.

Very few Navajo smiths make ingot jewelry these days and the skill set required to make such jewelry places Harrison Jim among a very select group of silversmiths who practice the craft in the same manner as the earliest Navajo smiths.

Hallmarked "HJIM" inside with a jeweler's scribe where the "H" is above the "J" in "JIM."

Mediterranean red coral: 1/2" x 1/4"

Width of shank in front: 5/8"

Width of shank in back: 3/8"

Size 8

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Product ID: NRG-HJM0800-004
Artist: Harrison Jim
Price:  $235.00
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