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Freddy Maloney Kingman Turquoise Graduated Row Bracelet size 7"

This is a beautifully smithed ingot Sterling row bracelet by Freddy Maloney. Made the "old style" way, Freddy melted his silver into a blob of ingot and then repeatedly heated it to keep it malleable while he hammered the silver into a sheet. Once he was close to his desired thickness, he ran this silver through a hand rolling mill to achieve uniform thickness of the sheet. Only then could he begin to stamp the cuff with his traditional motifs and add other decorative elements. He set five free-form stones of natural, untreated Kingman turquoise in smooth bezels wrapped with twisted square wire with starred buttons interspersed between the stone settings. This is truly superior work by a silversmith who has yet to be widely recognized for his fine work.

Hallmarked with an F inside a horseshoe with Maloney at the bottom of the U and stamped Sterling inside. 

Stones: center 3/4" x 9/16"; left 5/8" x 3/8"; right 11/16" x 7/16"; far left 9/16" x 3/8"; far right 9/16" x 7/16"

Uniform width of cuff: 1"

Terminal to terminal: 5 3/4"

Gap: 1 1/4"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 7" 


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Product ID: NBR-FML002
Artist: Freddy Maloney
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