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Darryl Becenti King's Manassa Turquoise Bracelet size 6 1/4"

Darryl Becenti is an accomplished Navajo silversmith who is particularly good at combining various stamps to produce complex, evocative stampwork designs. When setting turquoise in his jewelry, he always uses fine, natural stones.

In 2014 Darryl Becenti began experimenting with the use of appliquées as a distinct method to decorate his bracelets while invoking symmetrical patterns and adding a new element of texture to his silversmithing. While he had achieved renown many years earlier for his superior stampwork, his new use of appliquées introduced bas-relief compositions as constituent elements of decoration which rivaled his stampwork in decorative importance. While formerly his focus had been on incising stamped motifs into the cuff and darkening them with an oxidative agent, now he added small decorative cut-out pieces which rose above the surface of the cuff and were well polished. To a greater or lesser degree, this new aspect of decoration is now present in most of his work. Because this bas-relief work is particularly labor-intensive and time-consuming, when it dominates his pieces, it adds to their price.

This bracelet is set with an oval of natural, untreated King's Manassa turquoise from Colorado. This mine has been closed for decades and only a small amount of this stone is released each year from the King Family's bank of stones. King's Manassa turquoise is highly sought after and increasingly rare. This is a gorgeous specimen of King's Manassa turquoise.

Hallmarked D. Becenti over an arrow in flight and stamped Sterling inside.

Stone: 1  11/16" x 1"

Width at center stone: 1  7/8"

Width of scalloped cuff: 1  7/8"

Terminal to terminal: 5 1/4"

Gap: 1"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 1/4"

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Product ID: NBR-DBT244
Artist: Darryl Becenti
Price:  $1,075.00
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