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Cecil Atencio Bisbee Turquoise Ring size 12

This is one among a group of rings we commissioned Cecil Atencio to make for us. We gave him a group of gorgeous stones of natural, untreated Bisbee turquoise cut by master lapidary Bruce Mead. We wanted a classic ring that would be simple, but durable and set with a very fine stone. So we specified that he make the shank from 14 gauge Sterling so it would be sturdy and very solid and we provided thick-cut stones and asked him to use 3/16" bezel to set them. He wrapped the bezel wtih twist wire and made a split shank which splits into four narrower bands before attaching to the ring back. Simple, elemental, traditional and unisex.

Hallmarked C. ATENCIO and stamped Sterling inside on the ring back.

Stone: 13/16" x 11/16"

Weight of stone: 16.5 carats

Ring face: 1" x 13/16"

Width of shank in back: 1/4"

Size: 12

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Product ID: NRG-CTC1200-002
Artist: Cecil Atencio
Price:  $210.00
Sale Price:  $178.50
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