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Calvin Martinez Turquoise Mountain Turquoise Hammered Sterling Ingot Cigar Band Ring size 12

Calvin Martinez is consistently one of our favorite ring makers and excels in every one of his smithing endeavors. While his work is hard to come by, every once in awhile we catch him at just the right moment.

Consisting of a one-piece shank, This cigar band ring presents a beautifully integrated design. Free-hand cold chisel work combined with Calvin's unique, handmade stamps decorate this ring set with a stone of natural, untreated Turquoise Mountain turquoise. This is a hammered ingot piece. This means that the silver was melted and poured into an ingot, which was then pounded during repeated annealing. The silver was then run through a hand rolling mill to get an even thickness to the piece, then cut to shape. Newly made, this piece looks like it is fifty years old because it was made with the same traditional techniques used fifty and one hundred years ago. Very few modern Navajo silversmiths use the old method of hammering ingot to prepare the silver for making jewelry. Spare, simple in design like the old-time "cigar band" rings, but very labor-intensive and the mark of the finest smiths in its manner of creation.

Hallmarked C.MTZ inside an arrowhead and stamped Navajo and Sterling inside the shank.

Stone: 5/16" x 1/4"

Width of ring at center: 1"

Width of shank in back: 1/4"

Size: 12

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Product ID: NRG-CMZ1200-009
Artist: Calvin Martinez
Price:  $345.00
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