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Aaron Toadlena Lapis Lazuli Cluster Bracelet size 6 5/8"

This cluster design is set with a large round center stone of lapis lazuli surrounded by smaller ovals of lapis with flanking teardops of lapis to left and right of the center stone. The patterned cluster of stones is punctuated by small raindrops interspersed between the stone settings. Two small round stones of Sleeping Beauty turquoise frame this cluster and make the deep blue lapis seem even darker by comparison. The cuff itself is split into five narrower bands behind the clustered array of stones and is slightly convex on the sides. Aaron's large-pattern stampwork decorates the cuff to the terminals, while accenting stampwork traces the edges of the cuff. This is a classic design for which Aaron is well known and those familiar with his work recognize his designs immediately.

Hallmarked with Aaron's pictographic hallmark consisting of a hand with his name Aaron Toadlena stamped in the palm of the hand and stamped .925 to indicate that this is made from Sterling silver (Sterling is 92.5% pure silver).

Lapis lazuli: center 1 1/8" diameter"; 2 teardrops 3/4" x 1/2"; 6 ovals 9/16" x 3/8"

Sleeping Beauty turquoise: 2 rounds 3/16" diameter

Width of cuff dead center: 2 1/8"

Width of cuff at terminals: 5/8"

Terminal to terminal: 5 1/2"

Gap: 1 1/8"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 5/8"


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Product ID: NBR-AAT039
Artist: Aaron Toadlena
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