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Milton Lee Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Milton Lee is a new Navajo silversmith among our collection as of the summer of 2013. He often makes link bracelets and necklaces in matching style. He has a fine eye for color and uses high quality stones and shell in his work.

This necklace by Milton Lee employs five perfectly matched triangles of deep blue Lapis Lazuli in a necklace which is decorated by borderwork of saw and file technique. A handmade chain finishes the necklace to the catch, where an oval of Lapis Lazuli is set on the hook attachment. This is fine-grained, glassy smooth Lapis Lazuli showing speckled deposits of iron pyrite and the deepest blue coloration.

Note on length: The characterization of length is based on the length from the top of the center pendant stone to the closure. In effect, this necklace has a length of 17 1/2" and then the center triangle pendant hangs down in addition to that length. But for purposes of defining the length of the chain and what size neck it will fit, the 17 1/2" measurement is the most important figure.

Lapis Lazuli: center triangle 2 1/16" x 11/16"; 2 triangles 1 3/8" x 3/8"; 2 triangles 1 1/8" x 3/8"; 1 oval 5/16" x 1/4"

Length: 17 1/2" + Center Pendant


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Product ID: NNK-MLT001
Artist: Milton Lee
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