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Marc Antia Stamped & Chisel Sculpted Sterling Bracelet size 7 7/8"

We did some trading with a friend who is in the business and got a couple more bracelets by silversmith Marc Antia. For the most part, Marc travels the country doing jewelry and craft shows and sells his own work for full retail prices. But our friend has known Marc for many, many years and did him some favors when he was a young smith and just learning to work silver. Marc drops by to see him a couple of times a year and it's the only way to get a Marc Antia piece, unless you're lucky enough to find Marc at a show somewhere around the United States.

As you can see, this bracelet is incredibly detailed in its workmanship. You'll notice some similarity to the work of Emerson Bill, which is no coincidence. Marc and Emerson are self-taught smiths who learned the craft together as tight friends in their salad days. Marc has gone on to add additional flourishes to his style and craft pieces that are without equal and in very short supply. He often works with gold in combination with silver (but we don't sell gold). Marc's finish on the silver is a soft, brushed patina.

This bracelet, though 1 5/8" wide, was made from a strip of Sterling that was 1 3/4" wide. Marc heated this and shaped its face to convexity and that resulted in the narrower finished width of 1 5/8". Heavy, indestructible, inimitable, incomparable and a whole lot more words of that ilk!

Hallmarked "Created by Marc Antia" and stamped "Sterling" inside.

Width of cuff: 1 5/8"

Terminal to terminal: 6 3/8"

Gap: 1 1/2"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 7 7/8"

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Product ID: NBS-ANT003
Artist: Marc Antia
Price:  $725.00


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