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Kevin Garcia Melon Shell Jocla Necklace with Kingman Turquoise Mosaic Inlay Bale

Kevin Garcia of Santo Domingo Pueblo is making the finest hand-turned heishi of melon shell that has been seen in years. His workmanship is impeccable and completely on a par with the work of Joe Cate, who was recognized as the best melon shell beadmaker for decades. In addition, Kevin's melon shell is of superior quality; beautifully creamy and clear.

This Jocla necklace consists of four strands of melon shell beads with a mosaic inlay bale which is built on a bone foundation and unifies the upper part of the necklace and the suspended four loops of joclas. Kevin employed handmade Kingman turquoise beads to sprinkle through his necklace for nice effect, both in the jocla loops and in the upper portion. At the bottom of the jocla loops, he used smaller-diameter Kingman turquoise spacer beads interspersed between the melon shell beads to help the loops "round out" at the bottom of the loops. The hand-cut Kingman turquoise tiles used on his mosaic inlay are affixed to the bone foundation with traditional jet paste matrix; another lovely traditional detail. The necklace is finished off with Sterling cones.

The four strand, 23-inch necklace portion can be removed from the Kingman turquoise inlay bale from which the jocla loops are suspended. Wear the necklace separately or with the bale and joclas. Or string the jocla loops on a strand of turquoise nuggets or some other necklace. This one can be mixed and matched in infinite combination.

Melon shell heishi: 5/16" diameter

Mosaic inlay bale: 3/4" to 1" wide; 2" long; bale opening 5/8"

Jocla loops: 5 3/4" hang

Four strand melon shell necklace portion:  23"

Length: 23" + 5 3/4" jocla loops

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Product ID: SNK-KGC002
Artist: Kevin Garcia
Price:  $825.00
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