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Douglas Etsitty Bracelet size 6 3/4"

Douglas Etsitty is a Navajo smith who specializes in Sterling bracelets which show a repeated geometric stampwork which is intended to create an eye-dazzling effect. 

This is a classic style of Navajo bracelet which is done with relatively light-gauge silver. The reason for using lighter material is to keep down the cost and create a bracelet which is both lightweight and has good flex so that its size can be adjusted. At the same time, the Sterling is bent to create a convex surface and bending the silver in this way increases its tensile strength and makes it more durable and much less prone to damage. Convex bracelets are comfortable and ride the wrist very well because the two edges of the cuff create lines of contact with the wrist and allow the bracelet to fit relatively loosely without flopping around. Because the inside of the bracelet is concave, such bracelets also allow air to reach the wrist and, therefore, do not cause undue perspiration in spite of their greater width. Whether you keep such a bracelet polished to a high shine or "let it go" and allow the tarnish to creep up out of the  stampwork and overtake the surface, it will look great over time and be extremely comfortable. By using a polishing cloth you can maintain the shine, but dont use liquid polish or a cloth with jeweler's rouge because it will leave residue in the stampwork. We keep an old t-shirt around for such jobs because soft cotton works very well.

While these bracelets can easily be adjusted to size, sizing should only be done one time (as with all bracelets). Here's the point: don't put it on in the morning and squeeze it down tight on your wrist and then bend the metal each evening when taking it off. This has a good amount of flex to it already and there's some "give" in putting it on and taking it off--and that's no problem and normal.

Hallmarked "Douglas Etsitty" and stamped "Sterling" near the terminal.

                                 Uniform width of cuff: 1 3/16"

                      Terminal to terminal: 5 5/8"     Gap: 1 1/8"

                Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 3/4"

**Note on sizing**: This bracelet can easily be adjusted in size by 1/4" or more. Use a slow constant pressure and try adjusting a little at first to get a feel for the process.

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Product ID: NBS-DET051
Artist: Douglas Etsitty
Price:  $71.00


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