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Darryl Becenti Bracelet size 6 1/2" with Crow Springs Turquoise

Chacodog has been offering Darryl Becenti's pieces since 2003; initially this repertoire consisted of rings, deeply-stamped bracelets without stones and pendants with primo turquoise. Darryl is painstaking about the precision of his stampwork and he has a particularly good eye for combinations of stamps. When we decided to have this bracelet made, we turned to Darryl for the right look and the right execution.

This is one in a set of six bracelets which Darryl made for us at the same time. This group of bracelets had been brewing in the mind for some time. We were looking for killer gorgeous multi-stone sets composed of large stones because we wanted to make some wide, heavy cuffs with ten gauge Sterling. Ten gauge is thick sheet Sterling and approaches the weight and feel of a Harry Begay ingot bracelet. Our input on these bracelets consisted of providing the stones and specifying the size and width of each bracelet to match each set of stones...the artistry is all Darryl.

This gorgeous piece began as a ten gauge Sterling band 1 1/2" wide. After Darryl's deep stamp work, the width had expanded to 1 11/16"; each hammer strike spreads the silver a tiny bit. The grooved stamping along the edges of this bracelet caption the stones of natural Crow Springs turquoise from Nevada. The stones are a deep, creamy green with tan and rusty matrix. Heavy starred button studs mark the intermediate directions around the center stone, while wonderfully stamped fanned scallop appliquées frame the wrap of stones to left and right. We saw these bracelets at three different stages of production and the stampwork, which uniformly covers the whole cuff, was wondrous to see before it was covered by the stone sets. The Crow Springs Mine is a relatively small mine in Nevada, supposedly consisting of several small open pits. This mine had been worked decades ago and has come back into production in the last few years. But don't expect to see a lot of Crow Springs turquoise around the market; this is special stuff and this set of stones has amplified value by virtue of the cut and color match.

This piece can only be minimally adjusted in size and, then, only by a skilled silversmith using a rawhide mallet. If necessary, we will arrange for that after purchase and fitting via round-trip mail. Measure before you take the leap. Because of the weight of this bracelet, it should not be worn loose and floppy.

Hallmarked with a "D" on its side over an arrow and stamped "Sterling" on back.

Stones: center 1 5/16" x 3/4"; left 3/4" x 9/16"; right 3/4" x 1/2"

Uniform width of cuff: 1 11/16"

Terminal to terminal: 5 5/16"           Gap: 1 3/16"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 1/2"

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Product ID: NBR-DBT014
Artist: Darryl Becenti
Price:  $795.00


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