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Daniel Coriz Ten Strand Kingman Turquoise "Baby Nugget" & Mixed Bead Necklace

Daniel Coriz is equally renowned for his fine mosaic inlay work (mostly in the form of earrings) and his sumptuous multi-strand necklaces. He uses superior materials in his creations and he is exacting in terms of his preparation of these materials which, not surprisingly, yields superior crafted jewelry.

This ten-strand treasure necklace is an even mix of both blue and green Kingman turquoise, mostly in the form of "baby nuggets." And while Kingman turquise is the most comon material used as beads in this treasure necklace, a plethora of lively, bright-colored beads of various materials make this a richly colorful, sumptuous necklace. In addition to the small turquoise nugget beads and larger Kingman turquoise tabs, you'll see a carved four corners cross and a carved turquoise bear. Add to this the trove of beads that Daniel had left over from earlier projects and mixed in to excellent effect. In this case, the other beads encompass a wide range of shapes, styles and materials; including barrel beads, ovals, round beads, square beads, chips and nuggets of apple coral, lapis lazuli, jet, red, orange and purple spiny oyster, malachite and lapis lazuli. Where this lively mix of beads leaves off, baby olive shell heishi takes over in short runs to the Sterling cones at the catch.

Kingman turquoise "baby nuggets": 3/16" to 1/2" diameter

Kingman turquoise tabs: 5/8" to 7/8" long

Other materials: spiny oyster (red, orange & purple), lapis lazuli, apple coral & jet

Length: 25 1/2" + 2" extension chain

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Product ID: SNK-DCZ042
Artist: Daniel Coriz
Price:  $425.00


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