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Calvin Martinez Number Eight Turquoise Cluster Bracelet size 6 5/8"

Regular visitors to our site know that Calvin Martinez is one of our preferred silversmiths. This is why we actively seek his work. It's not simply his exquisite workmanship which dazzles us, it's also his ability to design pieces in a wholly traditional style while inventing those very designs. The style of work that Calvin does is commonly referred to as Traditional Revival. But in Calvin's case, this does not merely equate to reviving older designs; he's got the Traditional Muse on his shoulder and invents new designs which look 75 or 100 years old.

This set of stones perfectly represents the pretty pale blue shade so often seen in Number Eight turquoise from Nevada, but most of the stones do not have the cinnamon-colored webbing so common to Number Eight turquoise. This is a charmingly rare aspect to this turquoise and, in our estimation, makes the bracelet even more desirable. This cluster consists of a round center stone surrounded by eight more round stones. Each stone is set in a serrated bezel of hand fabrication. The cuff itself is a deeply stamped band of Sterling ingot which splits into five narrower bands behind the stones. Beginners don't make bracelets like this. This is too simple and exquisite in its design to be made by anyone but a true master and the stones are in a class of their own.

Hallmarked C.MTZ inside an arrowhead and stamped Navajo and Sterling inside.

Stones: center 11/16" diameter; 8 surrounding stones 3/8" diameter to 7/16" diameter

Width at center of cluster: 1  15/16"

Width of cuff on the sides: 11/16"

Terminal to terminal: 5 1/2"           Gap: 1 1/8"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 5/8"

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Product ID: NBR-CMZ126
Artist: Calvin Martinez
Price:  $995.00


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