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Ava Marie Coriz "Anasazi Window" Mosaic Inlay Earrings

Ava Marie Coriz strung all sorts of necklaces using many techniques and a variety of materials; from stringing disk beads to creating inlaid shell pendants, her work ranged across styles. She died in March of 2011 just a few weeks after we bought these earrings. These are among the very few earrings we were ever able to get from her.

This design is known as an Anasazi Window because it looks like the windows at Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde and a host of other pre-historic Anasazi sites (see photo of Mesa Verde above). The mosaic tiles are inlaid on a foundation of wood. The wood is very light and the earrings are not heavy at all.

Dimensions of drops: 1 1/4" x 1"

Mosaic tiles: jet & white clam

Total hang: 2 1/8"

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Product ID: SER-ACZ012
Artist: Ava Marie Coriz
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