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Aaron Toadlena Diamond Repoussée Bracelet size 6 5/8"

This wide cuff by Aaron Toadlena features a surface textured by repoussée diamonds. So few silversmiths could make this cuff and achieve the symmetry and repetitive perfection illustrated here. Aaron bent this to convexity, which gives it additional strength, but also allows it some flex and the ability to spring back to size if it's stretched just a bit to put it on or take it off. This is a miracle of execution and bespeaks Aaron's fastidious workmanship.

Hallmarked Aaron Toadlena and stamped .925 to denote that it is Sterling silver. also marked with Aaron's pictographic hallmark which is the palm of a hand with his initials AT on the hand.

Width of cuff: 1 3/8"

Terminal to terminal: 5 5/8"

Gap: 1"

Total inside circumference (including gap): 6 5/8"

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Product ID: NBS-AAT010
Artist: Aaron Toadlena
Price:  $510.00


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